Why Work @ Movil?

Movil Technologies is a goal-oriented, performance driven organization. We constantly strive to be a preferred employer because we periodically review our policies and strategies. We have been consistently achieving our desired aspirations both in terms of company growth (@ 300%YoY) and in terms of career growth ofDifferentiators (People@Movil), which reflects and sometimes exceeds the pace of the company's growth. Differentiators are given their choice in area of contribution with free room to grow and explore Movil Technologies wide expanse of opportunities.

Movil Technologies Includes:

> Expected Salaries

> Great Appraisals

> in-house All Meals Facility

> Flexible Working

> Flexible Annual Leave Entitlement

> Leave of Absence/Casual Leave

> Rewarding Job Content

> Marriage-Gift Policy

> Year Completion Gift Policy

> Monthly Team/Project Parties

> Movies

> Talent Club

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Movil creates world-class Internet applications with speed and understanding He provides my web site, blog, and private forum technology. Your ideas, responsiveness & implementation have been far beyond industry norms. It's a pleasure to work with a firm which not only understands and accommodates customer requests, but also adds value through innovation.
Van Ryan
General Manager, Ryan Infomedia LLC

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