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To be effective, SEO services need to complement and support the online marketing strategies of a client, and need to be fully aligned with the client's core marketing vision and other brand building exercises. At Movil, we love designing SEO services solutions that seamlessly blend into the client's regular marketing strategy, whether online or offline.
SEO services, as well as SEM services offered by us are made up of different modes and packages according to both the visible SEO needs of a client, as well as needs occasioned by his/her personal marketing strategy. Our standardized packages in SEO services begin with "Analysis, Research, and Consulting," followed by "On-site SEO," or "Off-page SEO," or a combination of both as required by clients.

As almost all of our clients are business decision makers, they easily understand the advantages of our approach as well as the realistic constraints in SEO services. And we, in turn, understand and respect their wishes. However, no realistic strategy for providing SEO services, or result-oriented online marketing campaigns, is possible without completing "Analysis, Research, and Consulting." Neither do we spend efforts, nor do we ask our clients to spend money, on designing strategies that are not justified by concrete data. This is why we continue to excel in delivering consistent results as SEO services providers, and why our clients invariably come to rely upon us as strategic resource partners.

SEO Services: Analysis, Research and Consulting
SEO services packages conforming to client-specific needs can be developed only after the client is in a position to make an informed decision. Once research and analysis is completed, the client is armed with the required reports. He or she can now make a reasonably well-informed decision on the next steps to be taken, and we are in a better position, as SEO services providers, to deliver the results required by the client. A concise list of the principal types of research and analysis that we regularly conduct for clients and that are essential for designing effective SEO services strategies is given below:

1.01 Keyword Relevancy

1.04 Position Monitoring

1.07 Visitors Behavior Analysis

1.10 Website Auditing

1.16 Spider Simulation

1.19 Log File Analysis     1.02 Semantic Analysis

1.05 Website Analysis

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